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DockerCon Barcelona 2018 Call for Papers

Deadline: September 8th at 11:59 PST

DockerCon is where the Docker and Moby community come to learn, belong and contribute. Attendees are a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced users and all are looking to level up their skills and go home inspired. This year, we are specifically looking for submissions that cover the following:

IT Pros How-tos:
SysAdmins, what is your container story? How did you operationalize Docker in your organization and what changes did it bring about? Tell us about a day or week in your life, and be sure to share your learnings, insights, recommendations and future plans!

Containers in Production - Case Studies from the Real World:
Are you running a business critical application on Docker Enterprise Edition? Whether they are applications you already had or new ones you’ve built, can you share the use case, implementation advice, technology stack, architecture decisions and trade offs, and results? Inspire other attendees on how to tackle their projects by applying your takeaways to their use case.

Cool Apps:
What are you building with the Docker Platform? We love hearing the interesting and unexpected ways that you are creatively using Docker's technology to solve real problems.

Edge Use Cases:
If you have a use case that involves IoT, big data, serverless or any other emerging technology, then share your story!

Deeply Technical:
One way to achieve deep understanding of a complex system is to isolate the various components of that system, as well as those that interact with it, and examine all of them relentlessly. We are looking for deeply technical talks covering not only container technology, but also related projects.

Transformational Stories:
Technology is only one part of innovation - people, processes and how we interact on a day-to-day basis must also enable progress. We are looking for talks that focus on the impact of change - both for organizations and ourselves as individuals and communities. Share your inspirational and insightful story and leave the audience energized and equipped to drive innovation.

Using Docker Technology:
Using Docker sessions are practical sessions for Docker users, dev and ops alike. Filled with advice, learnings, and insight, these sessions will help you get started with Docker, understand it better, and bring Docker into your workflow.

Do you have a cool Moby use case? Are you using LinuxKit, InfraKit, BuildKit, containerd or other plumbing in your projects? Share the ways you are using Moby’s open source components to build technology that solves real problems.

Very important note: If your abstract could be interpreted as a vendor pitch for your company (e.g. your talk is on storage, and your company has a storage product) make sure we understand through your abstract that it isn't a vendor pitch.

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